Online School Nurse Certificate Programs

School nurses may play a significant role in promoting health and wellness among the student population of a school. Their role may include teaching students about health and safety, assist students and their families to understand the connection between health and learning, and dealing with health and injury problems that take place in the school. This may be dealing with many types of chronic problems according to a physician's plan (such as diabetes), severe allergic reactions (e.g. a severe reaction to foods such as nuts or a bee sting which can in rare cases be fatal), use of a defibrillator (for those schools that have them) and more.

School nurses may need to be able to work very independently as they are nearly always the first medical professional on the scene when an emergency situation takes place in a school. In addition, they must be able to follow physician's instructions very precisely when dealing with chronic conditions, and in emergency situations. Because of the importance of this role, getting a job as a school nurse may require certification.